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Home of fascinating food...

About Us

We are nestled in a lovely spot overlooking the market town of Wantage

Peter, the owner is a third generation baker and has a passion for crafting 'real bread' using simple traditional 'slow fermentation' techniques unchanged over the last 100 years. Baking hand made 'goodies' alongside his team of 4 skilled bakers the result is a food lovers dream!!!!

Hand made bread that is nutritious and additive free using the highest quality ingredients all sourced from local suppliers, all bread and rolls are vegetarians friendly too.

We never use any improvers or chemicals in our bread and rolls!

Our wheat flour is sourced from Wessex Mill in Wantage, who pride themselves in using wheat grown on local farms including our neighbours on Kingsgrove Farm. Our wheat free loaves are made from Rye and Spelt flour sourced from Doves Farm in Hungerford.

Marcopolo's delicious pasties are made with beef locally sourced from Q Gardens Farm Steventon (matured 3 weeks) and our minced pork & smoked bacon from Dews Meadow Farm(Oxfordshire breed pigs), enabling us to keep our carbon footprint low and to proudly say that we know exactly where our meat comes from.

Peter insists that the only oil we used in our bread and rolls is pure sunflower oil.

Here at Marcopolo Bakery we believe that traditional, quality and nutritious Artisan bread is for everyone.

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

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